About Us


Our priorities:

  • Participation of traditionally marginalised groups in public decision-making processes.
  • Transparency, consistency and predictability in public decision-making processes.

The Pacific Centre for Participatory Democracy is a volunteer-based non-governmental organisation that:

  • facilitates events and promotes dialogue on good governance and democratic participation in decision-making by people from cultural, linguistic and ethnic minority groups;
  • conducts, collates and promotes empirically-based research on good-practice in public policy decision-making processes;
  • provides training and technical assistance to governmental, private and non-governmental organisations in areas related to the Centre’s expertise;
  • facilitates access to and exchange of ideas and experiences with individuals and organisations in the Pacific region;
  • accesses, develops and promotes a range of initiatives, resources and tools for stakeholders to use in their organisational structures and systems.

We are guided by a set of values that inform our activities and plans and led by a small group of volunteers.

Contact us for more information about current and future activities.