Manu Caddie (Director) : Manu founded the PCPD in 2004 and has a background in community organising, education and management. He was an elected member of Gisborne District Council from 2010-2014, is an accredited RMA Commissioner and has been appointed to a range of regional and national advisory roles in social and economic development including a few years on the Board of the NZ Council for International Development. Manu is currently supervising a privately funded Community-Led Development project in Gisborne and Whanganui.


Graham Cameron (Research & Policy) : Graham has a background in public policy, iwi (tribal) development and community organising. Currently residing in Tauranga, Graham is involved in a range of tribal and community leadership roles in addition to his work for the PCPD.

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Mr Marcus Akuhata-Brown (Chair) [NZ] Director, Tukaha Global Consultancy. Marcus was a Director on the international board of CIVICUS as well as being an ex-officio member of theCommonwealth Youth Caucus.  In New Zealand his work has focused on addressing the learning and developmental needs of youth at risk and young offenders. From 1996 to 2004 Marcus travelled all over the world as a diplomat, international representative and delegate to multilateral meetings. Marcus founded Tukaha Global Consultantcy in 2000 and currently divides his time between speaking and consultancy work, land development activities in his tribal area and leading a national network of Māori young people supporting tribal development.


Ms Dena Ringold [USA] : Senior Economist, World Bank [Washington DC, USA]. Dena is a Senior Economist with fifteen years experience working in Human Development at the World Bank. Her research interests include social inclusion of minorities, safety nets, and governance. Prior to joining the WDR team Dena worked in the Office of the Chief Economist for Human Development. Dena began her career at the Bank in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region, where she worked on operations and analytical programs with a focus on social protection and local service delivery in Central and Southeast Europe. While in ECA she helped to initiate the Bank’s first qualitative and quantitative analyses of the Roma minority and helped to set up the Roma Education Fund. She has also worked on social protection in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region. In 2005, Dena was an Ian Axford Fellow in public policy based at the Ministry of Maori Development in Wellington, New Zealand. She holds an MSc in economics and government from the London School of Economics and a BA in history and political science from Swarthmore College.


Nicky Hager : Independent Researcher [NZ]. Nicky is an author and investigative journalist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has written five best-selling books. divides his time between investigative writing and freelance feature writing. He has specialised in investigating hard-to-document subjects, such as military and intelligence agencies and public relations activities and the unseen sides of politics. His 1996 book, Secret Power, New Zealand’s role in the international spy network, revealed and described the western intelligence system called Echelon. Based on interviews with intelligence officers and fieldwork in several countries, the book created international news and led to a year-long investigation into Echelon by the European Parliament.  His 1999 book, Secrets and Lies, the anatomy of an anti-environmental PR campaign, co-authored by Australian journalist Bob Burton, was based on internal PR papers and documented the techniques used by PR companies to manufacture political support for their clients and to undermine their clients’ opponents. Since 2002 Nicky Hager has been the New Zealand representative of the Washington-based Corsortium of Investigative Journalists ( He also regularly lectures on investigative journalism to university journalism students and speaks widely on a range of subjects.